What Happens At A Typical Evening of Clairvoyance

At a Spiritualist Church
At My Evenings of Clairvoyance

At a Spiritualist Church

There are many of these evenings at a Spiritualist Church, and it is a less formal time than a church service.
In the church format there is a payment made at the door and the evening starts with a chairperson welcoming people to the event and then they will introduce the medium working that night.

Sometimes there is a hymn sung and the medium says a prayer before they begin to deliver the messages.
Whoever the medium is they should always be able to give clear information about the loved one they have with them who wants to give a message to the person in the congregation.

Look for recent events in your life being mentioned.
This is an important part of the ethical code of our Spiritualist Church that ALL mediums should work to, “to give proof of survival of life after life”.

(Information from that person in Spirit to show they are knowledgeable about the present life of the person they are connecting with.)
To say for instance, “he died when you were young”, can be interpreted as this or “she knows about the window”, this may indicate something that has recently happened; either way it can be seen as verification that the individual since their passing from this side of life has awareness of life here.

Life after life.
Then generally there is a reason why this loved one wants to bring forward a message to that individual now.
The length of time for such a church evening can vary from 50 minutes to an hour and a half.


My Evenings of Clairvoyance

I want to say straight away that at an evening of clairvoyance I as a Spiritualist Medium have the greatest of respect for the lovely people that choose to use me to come back to talk to their loved ones.

I say this as although I have this reverence sometimes the information they share brings all the audience to fits of laughter.
My upbringing is from a strong Christian background and so I have a personal commitment to be honest and sincere but my personality is to humorousness rather than being doer, so MY evenings of clairvoyance are an uplifting experience.

The evenings start at 7.30pm and many people like to arrive around 7.00pm to be able to choose where they will sit and so that groups can be together.
I always start out by welcoming the people to the evening and then I spend a few minutes answering questions. These are general knowledge questions, now I’m not talking about how many pints in a half full bath or such questions you usually get in a pub quiz, I mean that there may be some people in the audience that have questions they have always wondered the answer to.

These I answer from my own experience and understanding. It maybe, “Will I ever meet my loved ones again?” I would respond that, from my understanding the people who are important to us will be in our environment when we make that journey to the other side.

Then I go onto the main part of the evening. “The giving of the messages”.
I was trained under the guidance of an old school International Medium, Ivy Northage. I attended her 'School of Mediumship’ at the London College of Psychic Studies in South Kensington in London for more than five years.
I mean by “old school” that she had exacting standards and was highly critical of any student’s work and she and her assistant Janet Orman ensured that each message was correctly given to it’s recipient. I can just hear her now, “How do you know you are with the right person with that communication?” So that is my way of working, for the most part, directly going to a person with a message.

Therefore 99.8% of the time in my evenings I do go directly to the person I’m “told to”. This is not to say that sometimes I have to work out who that is, for example, I may hear “blue shirt” when I get a new communicator with me.
There may be several people in the audience that are wearing a blue shirt. I then give further facts and information from this communicator, to all those people, some will shake their heads others nod and by this process of elimination I’m left with the correct person.

Sometimes the messages are really personal or moving - a husband telling his wife he loves her and he is so sorry he went the way he did or a child saying they have seen a younger sister using their bike. Spirit like to give evidence of recent events to prove they are aware of the lives of those they have left behind. Somehow we all feel involved.
Then we have a break, for the loo
We get back after a short while and then the raffle is drawn, it’s often themed to a time or purpose - like Easter eggs before Easter or pamper yourself with lady and male toiletries.

Then it’s straight back to the messages. I like to work quite fast, so that I can give as many messages as possible to the audience.

My evenings finish at 10 00pm or by ten past ten my roadies are waving at me to stop! As we/they have to load all the electrical equipment back up into the vehicles. I’m usually available after the evening to talk to individuals who want further details of churches in the area or how they can develop their spiritual gifts and skills.