About Me

I have been a part of the Spiritualist Church now for more than 40 years. I came into this Spiritualist Movement after a family tragedy of loosing both my husband and step-father on the same day, within two hours of each other, both with heart attacks.

My professionalism qualifications from my employment have evolved my spiritual work further. I currently hold an honours degree in Psychology, a Diploma in Management Studies, a certificate in counselling and this together with my teaching certificate have led me to be to bring a professional eye into developing my students, who wish to learn more about mediumship.

I have about twenty-three ex-students working on the Spiritualist Church circuit, or working as a one to one medium, and several of my students have gone on to work in various other areas within the healing environment.

I have been invited by many other Countries to work for their National Spiritualist Churches, and have completed at least, thirty such international tours. The requirement of these tours is to travel to at least three Towns and give a demonstration of my work followed by running workshops, lectures, and giving private sittings.

International requests bring repeat bookings of my practical easy style principles to my students and my teaching and training is recognised that “my methods work” and this has got my “fledglings” working as mediums in other Countries.

My demonstrating work in Spiritualist Churches, Centres and independent venues across the Country it is my sincerity, honesty and integrity as a “Communicator of Spirit” that is valued along with my wicked sense of humour and enthusiasm that must not go unmentioned.

I was the founding co-ordinator of the ‘revived Spiritualist Good Friday Rally that ran so successfully two years running, at Wodson Park Leisure Complex in Ware, the second years taking over the whole of the complex from 10.00am – 8.00pm. For both of the years we finished with a divine service. For the second year, those taking the service were President of the SNU David Bruton and medium TJ Higgs. Sadly the pandemic stopped us in the third year, and by then all my wonderful committee, my day volunteers, and the vastly increased costs stopped us.

As well as my own development classes and workshops, I run training for other churches and further details of these can be found on this site.

I have organised training classes for many over the years if you are interested in me taking a Master Class, Mentoring, starting development circles, or other training, with churches, circles or groups please Contact Me.
Read my training page to find out more.

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