Church Services

Only three months are entered at a time please come back and check for updates

All times shown are the time for the commencement of the event, please allow sufficient time to locate, park, be greeted and to find a seat.

Churches have a lot of expenses, the charge for the medium and their expenses, advertising, utility bills, upkeep (especially if events are held in rented premises) therefore the minimum church collection amount is suggested as between £3.50 - £5.50, and some churches now have to charge for entrance, even to a church service, and this still represents good value for the time given and the content, and can be approximately £5.00)

The usual start time for a Spiritualist church service is 6.30pm on a Sunday evening, occasionally churches have their service during the week and the event – service is shown.

This is a formal event with an opening prayer, a hymn, a healing silence lasting one minute, sometimes a meditation or another hymn. Then will come the reading followed sometimes by a song or hymn then the reading of an address. This is then followed by the spirit communication. This is messages of love and comfort from the medium from those who have crossed over to the other side of life. The service closes with the prayer. A service lasts one and a half hours.


Friday 2nd December for 7.30pm

Magdelen Laver Spiritual Centre
Evening Of Clairvoyance
Tilegate Road


Thursday 8th December for 7.30pm

Wellingborough Spiritualist Church
Evening Of Clairvoyance
Wellingborough Meeting House
St John’s Street
NN8 4LG (Parking on Street)


Wednesday 21st December for 1.45pm

Stevenage Afternoon of Clairvoyance
Afternoon of Clairvoyance
Medium: Jim Bates
Host: Lesley James
Whomerley Spiritualist Church and Centre
Behind Gladstone Court
Spring Drive