A Typical Church Service

The format for the services at a Spiritualist Church can vary but they usually follow this pattern.

All churches are very welcoming of newcomers.
The chairperson, the Medium and the person giving a reading usually sit in front of the congregation.
Usually the service starts with the chairperson welcoming people to the service.

The Medium, a different person each week, says a prayer and the Lords prayer is said by all and next a hymn is sung.
Then the chairperson will lead those present into a silence for two minutes to send out healing to those we know who are sick or suffering in any way. Sometimes at this time the church has a list of people who healing is asked for. Then at the end of this time the healing hymn is sung.

Next there is the reading, a member of the church committee reads this.
It can be a piece from the Aquarian bible or a segment from some philosophy or even a poem or an extract from a book.
Sometimes this is followed by either another hymn or a meditation musical interlude.
Then the Medium will give the address, sermon, for about twelve - fifteen minutes.

This should follow the reading or give the congregation upliftment for the week ahead.
Then follows another hymn and then the spirit communication.
This is where the Medium will link messages from those in the world unseen with those in the congregation.
The Medium should be able to prove survival of life after life by what is communicated and give comfort and upliftment to those on the earth plane. There should never be any prediction or fortune telling in this evidence.
This section of the service lasts for approximately 45 minutes.

The service finishes with the chairperson reading the notices of events shortly to take place followed by a hymn and a prayer then the vesper, a shorter hymn.
A church service usually lasts for an hour and a half and most Sunday services usually start at 6.30 pm.
(Please check the church you intend to visit for details of times)

Often after a service a cup of tea is served, the price charged is very small, and it gives people an opportunity to ask the church committee or others present questions.

There is usually a notice board giving all the events that are forthcoming so you can see what else is going on as part of the life of the church.